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  ZDT provides consulting, design and implementation services for wide area networks based on various platforms. We have extensive experience with all types of routers and bridges including Cisco, 3Com, Ascend, Zyxel, Netgear, Bay Networks and Gandalf.

We take a structured approach to your company's network requirements and can provide a solution tailored to your data needs and finances. Our analysis starts by assessing your bandwidth requirements and local area network traffic that could affect the link.

The actual WAN can be over ISDN, leased line, frame relay or many other types of media. Also, the distance between branches must be taken into account and it is possible to either connect the offices directly or to use an intermediate media such as the Internet or a private network carrier.

Many networks are poorly designed and have too much local traffic running over them. This situation is something to address at design time by removing unncecessary protocols from the LAN and using switching technology to reduce broadcast noise.

If your WAN is critical to business operation we can provide disaster recovery or bandwidth-on-demand via backup lines. We also provide solutions for security, depending on the type of media used and WAN management.

ZDT offers a technically superior WAN design and implementation service that will enhance your company's productivity and efficiency.