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  E-mail is now a standard communications media alongside the telephone and fax machine. We offer e-mail solutions for local and wide area networks and integration into Internet mail.

Our mail solutions are based on many of today's leading products including Sendmail and Microsoft Exchange. We will customise a specific solution based on your individual requirements.

Internet mail integration can sometimes prove expensive with companies getting a leased line to run their own mail server or having several computers dial out to retrieve individual mail accounts. Costs can be dramatically reduced with standard SMTP extensions such as ETRN which will store all mail off-site (at the ISP) when the internal dial-up server is not connected. At scheduled intervals, the server can download all queued messages.

An internal mail server can be a major benefit to companies who wish to make the most of this extremely effective communications media. By providing advanced services such as Activesync & IMAP, mail can reside at the server and be available from any terminal. All our solutions include the major protocols including SMTP, POP3 and IMAP and can be integrated into the mail client of your choice.