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ZDT provides a full range of Internet services from web design through to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Internet Servers. We can provide consultation and analysis of your requirements and produce a detailed configuration tailored to your requirements.

Web Database Integration
Web database integration gives your web site a whole new purpose, taking it from a simple sales brochure to a useful application that your clients will come back to use time and time again.

Other Web Media
We can also provide specific solutions for companies who wish to publish other media over the Internet such as sound and video.

Internet Servers
If you have a leased line to the Internet, you can install and maintain your own servers thus giving you more flexibility and control over your systems. This section details all our Internet server services including web servers, mail servers and DNS servers.

VPN Configuration
If you have multiple offices you can improve your data flow by creating a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) using the Internet as your data transport.

Network Security
If your company is connected to the Internet or any other untrusted network (such as a supplier), you have a potential security risk. ZDT offers various security solutions including firewalls and data encryption.

E-mail Solutions
Electronic Mail is now a communications standard alongside telephones and fax machines. We can provide effective e-mail systems tailored to your company's requirements.

Network Management
If you maintain your own Internet servers, downtime can be a major loss to company revenue and professional appearance. ZDT offers packages designed to monitor your essential systems, provide engineer notification and remote diagnostic and repair.