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  The Internet is now the most popular global media available. Your web site is your shop front to millions of potential customers and the image you portray is the image your customers will respond to.

ZDT offers a full host of web design services from simple brochure sites to full web applications for customer interaction. we offer some of the most original designs and innovative ideas to make your web site stand out from the competition.

We use the latest technologies in our web design including JavaScript, Java, ASP and DHTML,HTML5, RealMedia and CSS.

If you have large amounts of data that you regularly refer to for your customers, you can make this publicly available over the Internet with an integrated database. This will encourage your clients to use your web site as a useful resource rather than view it just as a sales brochure.

We also make sure that your site is optimised to show up in the search engines under the relevant key words and will submit your site to the major search engines.